Winfield, Illinois

I recently purchased furniture which was financed by Crest Financial. The 90 day payoff was attractive, as we had just moved into a new home and were spending so much money on getting settled.

I was told there would be a bi-weekly payment of $167.10, which I figured would be paid after in about six months. I could live with that, although I was planning on paying it off in 90 days. I was never told that, if I missed the 90 day payoff, I would be liable for paying pretty much double the 90 day payoff amount. This is discovered from reading the contract.

I don't blame Crest Financial for this, but blame the merchant I purchased the furniture from. Needless to say, this has heightened my resolve to pay the furniture off in 90 days.

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Middleburg, Florida, United States #1097622

So true!!! A $2000 entertainment center purchase June 2015 paid down to $900 before 90 days, turned into over $2100 owed on the 91st day!!! Never again to be duped by Crest Financial.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #884437

Rip off!!!! I had a balance of $193.00 on the 90th day. Instead of charging interest on that amount I now owe 946.23 There has to be some kind of law against *** like this.

to DupedinGA Draper, Utah, United States #891399

We offer 90 days with significantly discounted fees but on the 91st day, you are responsible for fees based on the full lease amount as listed in your lease agreement. We do offer a separate discount for paying off your account in full before the end of your 12 month lease agreement. If you would like more information, please contact customer service at 855-552-7378.

Draper, Utah, United States #882415

Thank you for understanding. We are constantly working to make sure retailers understand the terms of the lease and the 90 day buy-out, but reading your contract is the safest thing to do.

You can make additional credit card payments online or call in payments over the phone to make sure you are paid off on time. Call 855-282-7378 if you have any questions or if there is anything we can help you with.


Crest charged me an additional 100 and something for a fee that's included in the 90 day payoff they didn't tell me this at the store but crest does hive you a chance to look it over but it's tricky it tells you the price of your furniture as the 90 day payoff at the top but then way at the bottom where you sign make sure York look at that area well because that's where the fee if you sign that without reading that section you are undef the impression you are paying the original price for the 90 day payoff but nope plus there fee maybe I should take it to a lawyer they didn't tell me this at the store I was tricked. Although it's a beautiful couch that my wife loves. It's still the principal you just don't lie about the fees now what if I coklfnt afford the fee.

to Buyer beware #877851

We have Crest and there is a dealer option to either absorb the application fee and 6% merchant fee or pass it on to the customer. We absorb these fees so the customer has a true 90 day option with no extra fees. Perhaps the furniture store passed this on to you without specifying it clearly.

to Buyer beware Draper, Utah, United States #882429

Andy may be correct; the amount of fees varies depending on the retailer and the retailer may pass along fees or add additional fees to the initial amount. Each plan and contract is unique.

We would be happy to help you figure out what these fees are and what your options are. Please call 855-282-7378 if you have any questions.

to Crest Financial PR #1076407

Does crest repo furniture if you get behind on payments? Can you go to jail for this or is it a civil matter

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