Ephraim, Utah

July 09, 2012 My complaint is with Crest Financial Inc 835 West 400 North Orem, UT 84057 tel 888-245-6111. They say that they have a lein on my car that I just bought and it is not on the title at all.

They made it so I cant register the car. They later called impersonation an officer asking for information about the car and where it was. This company most likely lost paperwork, filled things out incorrectly, or something allowing a clean title to leave the shop.

I purchased the car with a clean title, and now they want the car back, and im out $2750. What a Joke, I think that were going to court.

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had same thing happen kinda they need b shut down id love take them to court...8018548209


I have had a very similar issue with this company, I had bought a truck through Crown Leasing in Midvale, I have made all my payments and yesterday my truck was repossessed by Crest Financial. Apparently Crow Leasing sold my loan to Crest Financial but never let me know and kept collecting my payment and never paid Crest so instead of Crest contacting me they just took my truck and when I went to get my belonging out of my truck thousands of dollars in tools were gone.

The owner of Crest (Clint Cowley) is a thief and a coward, he would gave me a fake name to for tow company and now I come to find out the two companies are linked together and they scammed me out of thousands of dollars and stole my stuff.

I am a contractor and without my tools and truck I have no way to provide for my family, if anyone else has had issues please contact me, I have already contacted the state, consumer affairs, BBB, police & protective service department of the DMV. Dont do business with either of these companies they will take you for all you got and then some.

to Vinny Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #579123

I purchased an SUV through Crown Leasing, and was told in August that the owner had left the country and left their secretary to try to handle the customers and what was left of the business. The original email stated that Crest Financial was the original lender, and that we were going to be very "happy"with the new arrangement.

My car's license plates expired in August 2012, it's December and I'm still without license plates and can't drive the car. Nobody - not Clint Cowley or anybody from Crest Financial will answer a call or an email. I was in the process of filling out my complaint to the MVED when I came upon this site.

If you are in a similar position, let's try to get together to file a class action suit. I am really, really MAD.

to Really Mad Ogden, Utah, United States #584436

I had a much different experience. Clint was very helpful even though I didn't have an agreement with Crest Financial.

I got an email from Kim who used to work for Crown telling me to contact Crest. I am glad they did as they are the ones that hold the title and were not getting paid. Crest worked with me and my payments and now I have a direct contract with Crest and took Crown out of the middle. I do not blame them as I was paying Crown Leasing and my agreement was with Crown, not Crest.

Crown moved to Costa Rica so I guess Crest wasn't getting my payments.

Are you calling Crest's auto line? 801-722-1022?

to Vinny Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #584439

Did some research on Crown Leasing and looks like they had this same problem with another lender called Global. Happened to Global about 1 year ago. Sounds like Crown has scammed Crest and Global out of payments that went to them that should have gone to Global and Crest.

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