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I called 3 days past the pay off date and they wouldn't take my money for the original payoff amount. I now have to pay 800 more in interest only for furniture that was worth 1000.

It's a one time fee he said so it doesn't even reduce or change if u pay it off early. You basically can not forget to call to pay it off because if u do u will pay twice for same furniture. I forgot to call the payoff should be around 500 they said I have to pay $947.93 for 3 days come on now that's ridiculous it's three days and yes I forgot it's My fault but I should be able to pay it off for 500 plus the 3 days interest for forgetting to call because I work 50+ hours a week and am I single parent and yes I am making excuses for my stupidity...they should allow people to pay it off for what it owed with any interest added on for missing the pay off date. They would rather take the next 9 months 140 a month instead of a lump sum of 500 + 3 days interest.

Dumb dumb dumb...I could lose my job, I could die, i could just stop paying, once I pay what I originally owed. Seems *** not to take a payoff and not take that chance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crest Financial Loan.

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I'm sorry for any misunderstanding regarding your agreement with us. Our contracts are a 12 month Lease Agreement with Ownership Option.

Per section two of the agreement, it details terms of the 12 month agreement, and then later we offer the option to pay off in 90 days, with a 90 day buy-out option. Per the terms, if the full 90 day buy-out option amount is not paid off in 90 days, then the contract is set up for the 12 month option.

Once this occurs, we do offer an early payout discount, if you choose to pay off the account in one full payment. Please contract our office at 855-552-7378 to learn more about this option.

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