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If you are looking to finance I would consider going a different route. These people charge you almost 100% in finance charges.

You are paying almost what you paid for the item if not paid off within their 90 grace period. I will definitely not be doing business with them again. Yes they do offer you a small percent off if you want a buyout after the 90 days, but it just amazes me that people actually do a 100% markup of the item and list it a finance charges. I mean interest rates are not even that high.

People wonder why our country is the way it is.

Between politics, and the way businesses do business its no wonder, and yet they wonder why the public goes to other countries to get their goods. Because businesses like this are making it difficult for the average American able to afford anything.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Draper, Utah, United States #957076

We try to make all of our customers aware of the finance charges associated with leasing from Crest Financial. We explain them in larger print in Item 2 of our contract.

We tell the customers how many payments they are automatically set up for, the amount of each payment, the total cost, and how much higher the total cost is compared to the cash price.

We offer 2 separate discounts to customers depending on where they are in their lease. If they are within the first 90 days of their lease, we offer a much more significant discount. After the customer's 90th day we offer a smaller discount that can really help customers trying to pay off quickly.

We are sorry you didn't have a satisfactory experience with our "No Credit Needed" financing.

We charge higher fees than finance companies that check credit because we take a bigger risk of customers not paying us back. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to improve in the future.

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