Los Angeles, California

July 22, 2011

My complaint is with Crest Financial Inc 835 West 400 North Orem, UT 84057 tel 888-245-6111. I was trying to put the pieces back together after ending an abusive relationship.

I had nothing but a roof over my head (literally) I was sleeping on the floor. I was out looking when I saw my furniture and excited when I was told by the store owner that they offered a payment plan. I agreed to finance or what I thought was finance the balance remaining on my purchase. The total purchase price tax and fees included was $2364.72, I put $540.00 down and to my understanding was financing the balance of $1824.72.

I was also told that it was a ninety day same as cash. Well after a few unexpected events occurred(got sued by the evil x) I could no longer make my pay off date so to my knowledge my account was to switch over to a lease purchase option and 273.71 would be deducted from my account until balance is paid in full. Well I am 5 payments in $1368.55 + $540.00 down payment = $1908.55 later so I decide to call for pay off balance since my financial circumstances have improved. To my surprise I still owed $1950.95.

How can this be that I owe more than the original amount financed….This is ridiculous how can I owe more???? The smart mouth finance lady then stated you should have read your contract before you signed and asked questions then(3pgs fine print and terminology a regular consumer uses every day, they might as well have written it in a foreign language because I didn't understand all that double talk. I did ask the pertinent questions how much money and how long.) Since you didn't pay in the 90days we financed you over 12months a total of $3284.50 so looks like you still owe 7 more payments of $273.71, that's another $1915.97!!!!!!! I might add is still higher than the amount financed…….I have been used!!!!!!!

I will never trust a finance company again if I can't pay cash then I don't need it.

I have now paid $1999.80 over my financed amt of $1824.72. That's sad!!!!!

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Toledo, Ohio, United States #1141273

The exact same thing happened. I was one payment away from the 90 days and exactly on the 90th day they changed mine to a lease agreement. I had already paid 1000 on a 1200 bedroom set and now they tell me I still owe them 1440.....I was told the same thing...I should have read that garberly goop of an agreement....never again....pay cash and be through


if you don't pay them can they come get the furniture?

to Anonymous Toledo, Ohio, United States #1141276

Can they come and get it? I was so upset I told them I would bring t back to them.

I'm a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income. Is what they're doing legal?

to Ms. O Toledo, Ohio, United States #1141277

This was not the first time I had dealt with them. The first time I doubled my payments to pay off in 90 days.

This time it was just the way they did it. I called them the day the payment was due and they had already changed it.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #964247

You just saved me $1999.00 God bless you

Dundalk, Maryland, United States #901566

Yeah like the lady said next time read your contract. I had no problem with them and paid them within 90 days.

You didn't think they were going to act like mom and dad and say it's okay you were a little late no businesses are in business to make money.

Rule of thumb don't buy what you think you can afford to pay off within the time. Whether it be 90 days two years five years whatever be prepared


You have to pay interest. That is how places like this make money, they charge you to borrow their money.

Cicero, Illinois, United States #765052

Customer service is their problem. They might not be half bad, considering they give credit when no one else will, but the rude, self righteous, @$$holes who work there make it impossible to find out.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #691702

Do they offer fin on T.V.s and if so where?


I have used crest and paid my account off within the first 90 days. It worked great! What part of this deal don't I understand?

to Rob Chicago, Illinois, United States #758947

Same here I used them and paid it off in 90 days....since she didn't pay it off in the 90 days you get all the extra finance charges added on and that's what she didn't read.

to naty Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #964248

I don't think the advertise 90 days same as cash


Thanks Crest financial for being there in my time of need and allowing me to finance a king bed set to sleep on when I was literally on the floor. 90 days same as cash worked for me. :)


These people have the worst customer service when i asked the manager to speak to their manager and they proceeded to tell me, well when you call microsoft you don't expect to speak to Bill Gates do you? That tranny voiced manager was a total ***.

I asked for her supervisor, not the company owner. I will NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

I am still paying off my item and when its finished in 3 months, that is it and i will never use this company. Better to go thru pruitt's.


I don't see anything wrong with it. You finance it's based on credit. Crest financial takes a risk financing and they must, and should charge, fees.


I had a very different experience with Crest Financial. I have used them twice and am very happy with the service they provided.

I was able to pay of my first one in 90 days so I didn't pay anything extra and the second time I used them, I too had some unexpected expenses, but I called in for a payoff and they told me the amount which was higher but then because I paid it off early I received a 35% discount. I would use them again and just make sure if you can't pay off in 90 days, that you pay off as soon as you can to get the discount.

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