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I signed a contract on Oct. 25,2015 and put $299 dep.

on furniture that would take 2-3 to be delivered. My contract states payments will not start till at least 10days after you receive merchandise. The furniture store dated after I left the store and submitted to crest the same day (a Sunday). Crest never confirmed delivery with me and started the payments on Nov.

6th when they should not have started till the 20th. I have an account specifically for billpay and had not transferred that money in yet, so it was returned. I contacted Crest and told them the date on my paperwork was forged and I would not pay their fees. Every payment since has gone thru successfully.

Today I called to cancel my "lease". According to my contract, there is no penalty for cancelling at any time. I was informed today, after paying $91 a WEEK for this garbage furniture, that it will cost me $318 in unpaid fees to cancel this lease. When I asked what the fees are for, I was told "for use of the furniture while you had it"!!

WHAT was I paying $91 a week for? Nobody will even discuss what happened to my $299 deposit or how it gets returned. Everybody who has had a problem needs to pay attention. I am looking into an attorney for a class action lawsuit, minimum, and if possible, a Federal investigation.

Although the arbitration section of their contract states you forfeit your right to a class action suit, we all know there are loopholes in the law for these type of multi-state cases. This company is VERY aware of the issues occurring with their leases being presented to consumers as loans by the salesmen in the stores they do business with, yet they continue their unscrupulous behavior, throwing the blame back to the stores time and time again, in order to continue charging their exorbitant fees.

Reason of review: fraudulent lending practices.

Monetary Loss: $1121.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Crest Financial Cons: Unethical practices, Fraudulent return policy, Forged documents.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #1210838

Iam so glad somebody is going to take action against them i hope you will keep us up todate and good luck


I bought a mixer from a local music center in Tucson. The guy that sold it to me never even told me the name of the company that I was financing through.

The mixer was $325 and he told me I have a 3 month period in which to pay it off along with some interest, I believe he said 10%. I thought it was a good deal and this specific retailer was used for a long time by friends in the music industry, so I thought nothing of it. I filled out my bank info and some personal info on his company desktop and he told me I was approved for $1,500 or something like that. I only used $300, or I thought it was $300 for a mixer.

This guy was such a smooth talker that I walked out with my girlfriend and mixer and completely forgot about my receipt. Nearly a month went by and nothing had been withdrawn from my account. I called the music center to inquire and he was hard to get ahold of, but finally was able to. He said it shouldve already but to be patient.

Then I noticed a random withdrawal for $12.19 from Crest Financial. I emailed this retailer and he said that was the correct place. I thought it was odd because I was supposed to pay this off in 3 months, but $12.19 a week isn't nearly enough. I figured whatever it will get will eventually withdrawal enough, I will just plan on this specific amount withdrawn.

6 months go by and I'm still paying on this *** thing. I decided to do some investigating since I knew I had paid them almost $400. I finally was able to find the website for Crest with my information. The retailer that sold me the mixer had forged my name to several documents agreeing to pay more than double the initial amount for this mixer!!

It is clearly not my signature nor would I have ever agreed to such terms! I have great credit and I would never have needed to go about it in this manner. I am still in shock as I just found out about this an hour ago. It's 6am here so im stuck unable to do anything until my bank and this music store opens, IF it's still in business because this same guy was on the news for committing fraud at this music store.

No, I am not kidding nor am I exaggerating. This all happened. This Crest Financial company must also be in on the fraud, because there is a signature from a representative there directly underneath my forged signature. My head is spinning and I don't even know where to start.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you all. Crest is corrupt, and I will be a part of the solution to expose this fraud.

to Anonymous #1176562

Your experience is similar to my own. I was decieved into believing this bill was all but paid in full only to realize- too late that they had structured auto payments to fall just short of clearing their 90 day predatory clearing calendar. The Crest account website was especially misleading regardining payments and balances.

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