Houston, Texas
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Received a text message today from 313131 addressed to Carlton, advising first installment to Crest is due on 8/01/2015. There is no Carlton at my number.

I have had this cell phone number for 9+ years.......and I do NOT even know anyone by the name of Carlton.

Crest apparently does not do due diligence in verifying their potential client information prior to making a decision on whether or not they want to extend an account to an individual.....otherwise they would have known this is NOT Carlton's number! I did reply to the 313131 via text today (7/22/2015) advising this is not Carlton's number.

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We don't offer text communication with our customers at this time. We would like to know more about your situation to see what happened.

Please contact us with more information. You can call us at 855-552-7378 or fill out our secure online form here: https://docs.google.com/a/crestfinancial.com/forms/d/1vlUMlr5yLJn6nBMD8Nsq2DXnUwnskaNUwIg6Ypx-gQE/viewform

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