Camden, New Jersey
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If you read the Lease Agreement it's up front about the 90 day buyout and what the total note jumps to if not paid in 90 days. Contacted Crest and had them set me up on the 90 day buyout option since by default they put everyone on the 12 Month lease option.

Easy to work with and everything went great.

Will be using them again cause they do report to the credit bureau so their helping me get back on my feet. I think everyone on here should really read that lease agreement before signing and don't be afraid to call in and get answers.

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Draper, Utah, United States #882461

Thank you for your comments. We are so happy we could help you get back on your feet. For anyone reading, you can call us to adjust your payment schedule, make additional payments, or change any information by contacting us at 855-282-7378.

North Carolina, United States #872199

I agree. They are a little high priced but I knew this before I purchased.

It is convenient that they auto draft my account every two weeks. I pay a little extra in between due dates to prepare for my maternity leave. They report to the credit bureau which is a plus. My credit is not the best and I can appreciate them for helping me furnish my house after my ex-husband left me with an empty house.

Instead of complaining for allowing you to obtain credit you should be grateful that someone gave you a second chance to do things right. Thanks Crest Financial for that 2nd opportunity.

to Noonie Draper, Utah, United States #882465

We are happy to help. At Crest Financial try to always provide more opportunities for our customers.

If there is anything we can help you with don't hesitate to call us at 855-282-7378. You can also schedule additional credit card payments on our new customer portal :

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