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It has been a horrible experience. I purchased my furniture in late July and was told that I would receive a call after my furniture was delivered to go over payment info.

After a week of not hearing from them, I called to find out about payments. At that time they told me they were missing a signature. So had I not called, who knows how long I would have had to wait. When the paperwork was finally complete on their part, I received a call and I verified the payments that would come out and the dates.

I'm thinking everything will run smoothly, but my first payment with Crest was drafted from my bank account twice and it was not even drafted according to the amount on my agreement set on bi-monthly. So, they had to fix that, but luckily I had the funds in my account to cover both everything otherwise the fees would have been outrageous. When I called Crest to let them know they drafted twice and the payment was set up incorrectly, they did refund me one payment and fixed the payments to be pulled semi-monthly. However, the bank saw the same amount being drafted twice so they returned the 2nd payment due to suspicious activity.

A week later I get a notice from Crest telling me I'm past due. I have to explain their mistake to them AGAIN and made the payment that was returned. The first person I talked to didn't want to waive the late fee due to their error, so it took three calls to get that removed. Now another week has gone by and I am still getting calls from them because they don't understand what happened with my account and now want a bank statement so I can show proof they messed up.

THEY make an error, and I have to do their job and keep telling them what happened.

It has been a nightmare dealing with them and this is only my first payment. Three weeks for one payment is ridiculous!!!

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Sherman Oaks, California, United States #1241814

Get this, after the 90 days the attached $478 to my account claiming leasing fees were added. I asked for a supervisor, they told me people who make those decisions had no contact information!

I went ballistic. They definetly loss me as a customer and have not heard the last from me. That amount attached to my account was almost doubled of what the original purchase was.

Who does business like that? Their customer service people are RUDE!


Wow Im going through the same situation as we speak. I will never deal with this company again and will tell others about this company. It seems like they prey on ppl in need of furniture who cant afford to buy the furniture with cash.

Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada #802027

So did any of u get a cash loan from these guys ??



I'm sorry that you feel that way. I know that if we are given the opportunity, we would show you that we are a good company. We are also always looking to improve, so if you have any comments or concerns, please contact us at 1-855-552-7378.

to Anonymous #817671

Seriously to improve!!!! What a joke I just went thru the same bs!! Anyone getting credit with this company think twice!!!

to Anonymous Draper, Utah, United States #817823

I'm sorry that you haven't had the best experience with Crest Financial. We are always striving to improve.

I would recommend contacting us at 855-552-7378 and asking for a supervisor. Please let us know how we can help and how we can improve to make your experience better.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #792901

Thank God I read these boards.I will never use this company.I'll put my money in a jar and sleep on the floor first!!! :upset


We would like to apologize for the trouble you have had with your account. Crest Financial cannot make arrangements or make payments toward your bank account without written consent through the lease agreement and the receipt of goods.

Since one of the two documents had not been signed, Crest Financial could not move forward with your purchase until the final signature was made, we apologize for the delay.

At the time of the double draft on your account, there was a billing error in our system. Since then corrections have been made to ensure this will not happen in the future. Since it was an error in our system, Crest Financial is prepared to waive any fees that were caused as a result.

Please contact us at 855-552-7378 to give us the opportunity resolve the situation.

to ksmith Alvord, Texas, United States #775747

I KNOW they cannot draft without a signature, but it is THEIR job to call and notify me and not wait until I call them! As for the double draft, again as stated I had to THEIR job! Everything you just stated does not fix anything or justify how ANYTHING was handled.

to Crest Financial Reply #775753

Since I don't have any contact information for you, I ask that you please contact us at 855-552-7378, so that we can make arrangements to fix the situation with you. Please ask for a manager in the customer service department and we will do everything in our power to correct this with you. As stated previously, if we caused any fees because of our billing error, we are prepared and willing to take responsibility by waiving those fees.

to ksmith #775812

WHATEVER! You are responding to a comment that was from last year.

I guess you all had nothing better to do than browse boards today. You didn't even read the post correctly because I stated it's a headache to deal with your company when something goes wrong and that it took three telephone calls to explain YOUR mistake before getting something corrected. It took ME having to call in over and over to tell you what YOU did wrong on my account. from this post and the same responses you are giving, I'm not surprised.

I dealt with this BS with YOU before so dumb responses without reading a post is no surprise of me having to explain a post to you of your poor service.

Redding, California, United States #774893

I just had this same issue with this company, I purchased a bed from a local bed shop and Crest was my financer. Upon delivery and setup of my new bed I see that at the very last page it states that I will be auto-drafted X amount every week until its paid off or I pay out the cash price.

I fully intended to pay off the 90 days Cash Out price, however at the time of purchase I was told by the representative of the company as well as the bed store that I would receive an email to set up payment arrangements. When you tell someone payment options will be setup later that means there usually options available they're aren't just setup up for you without consent.

Fast Forward to a week ago, I call in to make an adjust payment schedule and set it for the middle of each month although I plan on making larger than normal payments to pay it off quicker. So i use my banks online bill payment center to send them a payment(which is guaranteed) and call as instructed by the representative at the time the day before the auto-draft and was flatly told the payment would be auto-drafted regardless and I'm basically S.o.L.

So know they've been paid twice and I'm about to have my other bills overdraft my account and they say legally there's nothing they can do at the moment. So I'm just waiting for the overdraft fees to start piling in which they responded they wouldn't be responsible for those...ummm ***...yes you are.

Needless to say my plan before this debacle was to go through them again to purchase a couple more beds however they won't ever happen.

to Beyond Irritated #775740

In the contract, it states that Crest Financial will debit the first payment between 10-45 days from the contract date, depending on your payment schedule. If adjustments need to be made, you can call in and speak with a customer service representative and request those changes.

As part of the financing agreement, Crest Financial is given permission to make automatic debits from your account for the required payments due.

If you wish to make the payments through online bill pay, you can do so, however we do require that the payment is received at least three business days in advance to allow time to void the upcoming payment.

Since two payments have been made, please contact us at 855-552-7378 and ask for a supervisor so that we make further arrangements with you to resolve this issue.

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