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passing the 3 months I owed them 700 in total ...I have been on time every single month... 2 payment of 84.00$ every 2 weeks..

and right now they are saying that I owe then 1000.00 ..

I think they are the worst company to ever work with ... they are the worst.

people please report them to the BBB is a scam Crest Financial are crooks I have to enter at least 100 words so I am just going to continue typing what ever but still they are crooks they should be sent to jail and never have any type of business.. people please call the BBB now

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Crest Financial offers a 90 day buy-out option and a 12 month option to gain ownership of the financed merchandise. I'm sorry if the store that you made the purchase at, didn't explain how our financing works.

We want our customers to understand the payment terms, so we outline in detail the terms of our financing and payment terms on section two of the agreement. I again apologize if they failed to explain the terms to you. Having said that, Crest Financial is not a scam. Given your situation, we are prepared to offer a discount to pay off the merchandise.

Please contact us at 855-552-7378 to hear more. We also would like to know which store you financed at so that we can investigate the matter on our end, to ensure the terms of our financing are being given out correctly.

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