Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
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I made a contract for 3 month same as cash and the last payment they said didn't go thru now they wanna charge me 500 in a contract for 6 month,we called then and explain then about it but they don't have a good customer service don't wanna put a supervisor in the phone either we talk to the store we got the furniture that is dn furniture in wilkes barre and they don't know nothing to do with it but it's the first thing they offer to you when you goin in the store one it's my problem and responsability to pay that amount they are a based company

Monetary Loss: $280.

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Draper, Utah, United States #884241

Crest Financial does NOT offer a 3 months same as cash option. We offer 12 month leases that can be paid off early at any time.

If you pay off your contract in full within the first 90 days we offer discounted finance fees. We try to ensure that our retailers understand the structure of our leases, but as a third party finance provider, we cannot guarantee they provide accurate information about our accounts. The best way to fully understand your lease is to read your lease agreement.

We will happily send you a copy of your signed lease agreement. Simply call us at 855-552-7378.

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