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Crest Financial is a very misleading finance company. They advertise 90 days same as cash, but what they fail to reveal is, if the product is not paid completely off in 90 days then you will be forced to pay 80% interest as if you are leasing the item.

We will pay over double what the price of our item was when it is all said and done. It is very disturbing to find out that there are buisnesses that practice this way. They were very misleading and for a good cause.

Crest Financial is a money Scheme and NOT worth using, no matter how bad your credit might be. STAY FAR AWAY from this company, they are only in it for the money and have NO concern for the customers...

Product or Service Mentioned: Crest Financial Leasing.

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I'm sure they did not tell you!! Come on, it is more plausible you are just naive.

Fair Oaks, California, United States #700906

If you read the contract it says exactly that. They do reveal the huge interest rate after 90 days.

This is how they are able to do business while offering a 90 day same as cash to 3rd parties. This is for people who have credit issues and cannot obtain traditional financing mostly and it is a high risk to them. The flip side is they offer 90 days same as cash, which is amazing!

Bottom line is pay it off in the 90 days if you do not want to pay the full amount. Read your contract and take some responsibility, you signed up for something that is clearly stated.

to Anonymous #803312

How long have you worked for the company? Real enlightning anonymous (bold comments from someone who doesnt bother to identify themselves.) Save the bull for the uneducated, because your barking up the wrong tree

to cards3030 Dothan, Alabama, United States #824282

That comment from the company employee show what type of company this is at advise anyone with credit issue this is not a company you want to use it is a scam!

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #806522


to Anonymous Medford, Oregon, United States #824264

i am shocked at the amount you are charging us for not paying it off in 90 days....you are charging us over 1400$ MORE!!!!! how do you rightfully justify that?

i may have to get hold of some contacts and see what action we can take....that is just wrong. How do you justify such a huge amount??? and really? Take responsibility?

that s a rude way to talk to customers. we were not aware of paying such a large amount in addition to the purchase price. then when i see about paying over a longer amount of time because your taking 250$ a month they tell me they can't. what the heck?

250 a month for a year??? we have already paid 900$ and still owe over $2300 for a 1700$ set??? explain how that is ok????

insanity at its finest. had we known we would have never bought this through you.


When the term says 90 days it doesn't mean 91 days, 95 days, etc., etc. Some people just can not follow instruction, or rules.

So don't blame Crest Financial because you don't want to play by the rules. 90 days same as cash means you have EXACTLY 90 days and no more to pay the item in full.

to 90 days same as cash creditor Alvord, Texas, United States #802896

You must work for Crest and that is why you defend them. Just so you know your comment means nothing to any of us on here.

to 90 days same as cash creditor #803314

Sure because you offer ninety days same as cash, we should just allow you to take advantage of whomever you want. You are whats wrong with society.

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