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Crest financial is my nightmare right now

I took out a macbook pro and when i took it out i was told it was $600 but i see the receipt and its 1,293.00 like what a scam!

Anyways i got laid off from work and i told them i can't pay them and all they said was that they could not cancel my payments or anything sort to speak so even though im laid off they want to get money out of me no matter what and idk what to do because i barely have money to get through, i dont have money to pay them

Im not going to pay them actually, i want to send it back but it costs too much and if i dont pay them i am burning my credit but oh well its not my fault i can't pay

Next time i really need to see who im messing with

That financial company is BS , i already reported them to the bbb

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Draper, Utah, United States #882460

There are leasing fees clearly laid out in Item 2 of your contract. The exact fees vary and are unique to each contract.

Item 2 of the contract also lays out the basic structure of the payment schedule.

Our customer service department would be happy to help you adjust your payment schedule to fit your current situation. You can reach them at 855-282-7378.

Cape Coral, Florida, United States #878122

you are an ***. You took out the contract.

You owe.. That's it. It is not their problem you can't keep a job. Hardly anyone get's laid off anymore.

Businesses are down to bare minimum staffing. If you got laid off, you simply were lazy and useless. You care about your job, like you do your credit.

You are a ***. Get a job, pay your bills, and live a better life.

Dallas, Texas, United States #867493

reported them to BBB for what your inability to pay for what you owe. OMG

to Really #881388

Shs is not the only who has had this issue fyi and is clearly not the first person files a complaint

So before you talk get your *** straight

Dallas, Texas, United States #867490

it is your fault you cannot pay. They extended credit so you could have something.

That is how credit works. I get so tired of people blaming others. OK so give it back they expect a certain amount of loss. But let me ask this if you worked and your company ran into a jam is it OK not to pay you for your service...

I think you would say NO way they owe me. so who all owes you...

to Tired of blamming #881387

Why don't all of you just mind your *** bussiness? After all it's her credit not yours k

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