Crest is a total rip off when buying funiture here in Houston, never told by the sale people finacing is lease to own. The surprise comes later after you called to set up your payments with them.

I seen the amount at the store ask the customer service rep was that my payment she said no it will be broke up to suit my needs I replied okay. I can not beleive they want over $858 dollars a month from me. I went to a lawyer about this it is highway robbery Crest need to be sued and shut down. I immediately went to my bank and ceased the payments.

My lawyer advised me to pay what I can it better than nothing. I am going to file againt them with the Federal Commsion, and let them investigate them. I rather take a chance taking points off my credit than being a dame fool! My purchase was not over 4,000 and they are seeking over 10,000 pay back.

Everything in my home is paid for by cash are I went to Star, are Fingers and brought quality funiture. And when I Financed; though either company I paid no more tham 50 dollars a month. Now thats what finance means okay! The owners; of Crest need to be put in jail they are set back laughing at people like us.

Watch Katy funiture they are mis-leading with there finance programs not telling the customers the real deal. Once they finance it"s out of there hands because Crest, pays them the wholesale price than triple the amouth six times.

Katy funiture will tell you the account funiture belongs to Crest know longer them ha lol! People please stay away!

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Draper, Utah, United States #901642

I'm sorry your retailer didn't fully understand the agreement you were signing. We try to train our retailers to make sure they understand the customer agreement, but as a third party financier, we cannot control how our retailers explain the lease agreement.

The total payment amount is explained in large print in item 2 of your lease agreement.

We do offer significantly discounted financing fees if you pay off your lease within the first 90 days. If you are past you 90th day, we also offer a separate discount for paying off your full lease at any time. Both of these discounts are explained in item 5 of your lease agreement.

If you would like another copy of your lease agreement or have any other concerns, please call us at 855-552-7378. We would be happy to work with you to try to work out a payment schedule to fit your needs.

to Crest Financial Hephzibah, Georgia, United States #904211

I have read people complaints and I do see what they are talking about you approve us for 2400.00 and put down the different to meet our approval.We paying. 372.00 for 12 month you all are a rental company you didn't said that what you are that is high way robbery we going to still make our payment but we taking our paper to a lawyer consumer to look at it.we hone ad fly though this was a great comp as by but we now we see it a rent to own contract.Shame having people think you really helping people

to james Draper, Utah, United States #906157

I'm not sure I understand your complaint. We approve you for an amount based on your income and other factors.

You do not have to spend the entire approval amount. Your lease agreement specifies the scheduled payment amounts as well as the total amount owed on the lease, with all the associated fees.

We also offer In-home Layaway so you can enjoy your furniture while still paying for it.

Please call us, so we can try to make this right. Our phone number is 855-552-7378.

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