Pasadena, California
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I purchased some furniture with the "90 days same as cash option" which was financed through Crest Financial. It's not technically a "loan", but rather a "lease agreement with ownership option".

The furniture was delivered on a Monday, I called to pay off the balance the same week on Friday. I still had to pay 5.33% in finance charges which equated to $98.45.

It should not be advertised as 90 days same as cash if you will still have to pay a finance charge regardless of how soon you pay the balance. 90 days same as cash means NO FINANCE CHARGES for at least 90 days...and especially after only 5 days.

Monetary Loss: $98.

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Crest Financial does offer a 90 day buy-out option, but doesn't offer 90 days same as cash. I'm sorry for any misunderstanding and I'm sorry if you were misinformed while making the purchase at the store for your merchandise. I would suggest calling us at 855-552-7378, to see if there is anything we can do to help.

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