Laurel Hill, Florida

Crest financial charges a usurious interest rate. I will end up paying more than 100% in interest over a 14 month loan agreement.

My payment is $160.00 a month on a loan amount of just under $1000.00. Just do the math! I will say that this company is very easy to work with: is very fast and efficient: has a very courteous and professional staff: and actually makes positive reports to the credit borough.( I'm sure they would make negative reports as well so never ever miss a payment or make a late payment of you will continue to pay for dealing with this company).

It's kind of like a polite highway robber. If you don't mind spending an incredible amount of money to "buy" a good credit report than by all means lay your head on the chopping block.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crest Financial Loan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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