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I changed financial institutions during my lease term due to some fraudulent activity on my account. I called prior to my due date to give Crest Financial (CF) my updated account information.

When I did that my old account was still drafted and CF charged me a insufficient fund fee even though I called prior to my due date and gave them my new banking info. I was advised I was charged because they set the payments a couple days prior to the due date so it can come out on a specific date. I accepted that as its logical from a business perspective. Because they drafted the wrong account it caused me to be two payment behind.

I immediately called them again set up both payments to be drafted on two different dates. And insured they had my correct debit card on file. I later found out that it still was not drafted and per their own admission the rep still had my prior account information listed as the primary financial institution even though they had my card on file. They updated it accordingly and refunded both insufficient fund fees.

I called again and requested to get my account in good standing and went though the necessary steps and paid the applicable fees to convert to once a month payments oppose to bi-weekly. Due to the previous problems I had with the company I requested for the rep to send me a confirmation e-mail confirming our agreement which she did. The first payment came out according to the agreement then I received a random debit from them for $150.00 that was not within our agreement. When I called to inquire they stated per my contract with them they have the right to go in to my account to collect any delinquent payments.

Even though they were the reason for my delinquency. I am currently disputing the charges with my bank! They have the most unethical business practices I have ever seen. I even have the voice recording of the conversation I had with the rep and I clearly requested what I needed to due to get my account in good standing.

I was required to make a payment that day which I did and then the next payment came out per the agreement that their rep sent to me and the manger still would not reconsider per the initial contact I signed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Crest Financial Cons: Predatory lending practices.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #941620

Our apologies that you had so many problems getting this payment to process, especially while handing fraudulent activity on your card as well. I’m glad we were able to waive those NSF fees that the banks charge to us when there isn’t enough money in an account.

The system should automatically set up new account information as the primary. We will investigate why that didn’t happen on your account.

Our computerized system automatically withdraws payments to make up for accounts that are behind on payments. Our representatives cannot control this and usually explain that an additional payment may draft if the make-up payment is received after the system starts processing the random payment.

This additional payment would go toward a future payment instead.

Without more information, we cannot say for certain if this is what happened, but it the most likely scenario. If you have any other questions, please contact us at 855-552-7378.

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