Lehi, Utah

I use to work at crest and if you ask every person who registered a complaint I bet you will not find one who read the contract. The stores use Crest for financing so many of the stores don't explain things right for two reasons, 1 because they don't know the program and 2 they are motivated to make a sale.

I saw some of stores forge documents, or mislead customers on purpose and Crest stops doing business with them. So don't blame Crest if the store told you something different. The contract you sign is legal and binding verbal agreements are not, no matter who told you.

My advise to everyone is: no matter what you are buying, house, car, furniture, etc, no matter where.

Read your contracts. It will save everyone a lot of headaches.

***by the way!

did you read the contract from PissedConsumer before you posted? I did.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #880697

how are they verifying your bank deposits? I did not give them permission to access my bank account!

to Michael Draper, Utah, United States #882456

Because Crest Financial doesn't check your credit, we use bank information which the applicant submits to determine approvals. On the contract, the approved customer signs to get financed, they agree to "ACH Payments" which means payments will be drafted directly from the bank account stated. If we can clarify this matter further, contact us at 855-282-7378.

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