I have to assume after my most recent interaction with Crest that they are an extremely small company with limited oversight of the people in thier employ. I cannot imagine that a business would allow the treatment of thier customers that I received, especially when the circumstances could be interpreted as racist at worst, and petty, short-sighted business practices as best.

Crest messaged me this holiday offering to waive the $40 application fee if I wanted to apply for a THIRD loan. I made the application but submitted it just after the deadline for the waived fee. I asked that they waive the fee anyway - they refused. I called and spoke directly to a manager who said they would not waive the fee for me. I told him (John Olson) that I'd likely not accept the loan and John said he understood. At that point, I asked if the $40 was worth more than the full loan repayment of $900. John said that indeed, it was. The conversation was just that short forgettable.

I waited a few days, spoke to my wife and decided to take the loan anyway. I received an email back saying Crest rescinded thier offer. It seems John was unhappy with my "demeanor".

I don't know how our converstation was perceived by John Olson but my perception is Crest does not need mine, or anyone elses business and if you are to offend Mr. John Olson's delicate sensibilities he has the power to determine if Crest will earn a profit from you or not.

I no longer recommend thier services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crest Financial Loan.

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Greenville, Alabama, United States #1029307

Crest is a horrible company they over charge you then act dumb *** he'll like they don't know what you talking about. They told me payoff was 297.00 called to payoff 90 days they had add an extra 73.00 wouldn't do anything about it so I'm going to cancel my contract I will not recommend anyone to deal with crest financial.


We at Crest Financial pride our self on our customer service, and are always looking for ways to improve. In this particular case, we reviewed all phone calls concerning this issue and determined that due to the unprofessional-ism and language used by the customer, the agents involved terminated the phone calls. We regret this particular customer had a negative experience, and we will continue to strive to give the very best customer service possible, while also fulfilling our obligations to our wonderful employees!

to CrestFinancial14 Cicero, Illinois, United States #777639

Customer service is the companies Achilles heel. I can't imagine that you'd even be willing to state that here.

It is impossible that all phone calls associated with my case were reviewed and the same conclusion was reached. I accept that you are attempting to obscure any negative information the public might receive regarding your company, but outright lies is not the way to do that.

Instead of this weak and untruthful defense, a company with decent customer service skills would have recognized that we were return customers with two paid off loans. We were looking for access to a promotion CrestFinancial offered us of only $40.

The agents who have the power to refuse service might have had the power to waive that fee. We were even willing to take the loan despite the fee and your wonderful employees denied us service.

Customer service does not get much worse.


His name was:

Josh Olofson

Crest Financial/ Crest Rewards

Operations Manager


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