Crest financial are complete rip offs, I actually bought a TV to help build up my credit. I confirmed this by asking/speaking to several representative Before signing my contact and after.

Now 2 weeks passed my 90 days pay off option they tell my NO that they can't report in California, or Texas. The whole time I'm think I'm building my credit score, nothing was ever being reported. I highly recommend no one to do a loan with these thieves, why in the world would I want to pay 1800.00 for a TV that I can get for 500.00 in the store without it building my credit score Lol first they were friendly & helpful no one knows anything.

There a bunch fakes =) lease at your own RISK. THERE BAD BUSINESS FOLKS

Product or Service Mentioned: Crest Financial Loan.

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Draper, Utah, United States #884200

I apologize for the confusion, Crest Financial does report monthly to the credit bureau Equifax, but we cannot report credit in California and Arizona. The credit bureau may take several months after we report to make any changes to your credit report. We also cannot guarantee any results in your credit score from financing with Crest Financial.

to Crest Financial Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1201026

there was no confusion you all lied to the man straight out. Worse thing about it is you lied to him but not to get a raise or more commission or any personal gain whatsoever you all just lied cause its what your used to doing.

well you didn't have to lie to me cause I already knew the deal I WOULDNT give a hoot what you reported to which agency about my sorry credit. My credit was so bad I could even pay attention. my credit score was so bad it actually went into the minuses. My credit is so bad the boy who mowes my lawn wanted references.

My credit was so bad I had to put my house up just to open a checking account. My finances are so bad when my great uncle died I coudnt go to the funeral couldn't pay my respects....

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