Fair Oaks, California
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I have an account with Crest. They screwed up all of the paperwork at the onset of my loan.

I had the money sitting in the proper account the whole time, waiting for them to take it out. They went through my records and found an old account and took the money from that account without ever asking permission. I never gave them permission. I never signed permission.

And, they never asked for permission. This is illegal and I plan to take this to the full extent of the law. As I am a Legal Shield member, my attorneys are free. It won't hurt me to go after them.

I'm sick of this illegal *** with companies who think they can take your money from anywhere they like.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crest Financial Loan.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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In the contract that's signed, Crest Financial is given permission to make automatic debits from the customer's account for the required payments due. The customer can change the bank account information by calling in and talking with one of our customer service representatives.

We apologize for any misunderstanding and would like the opportunity to correct the issue. Please contact us at 855-552-7378 and directly ask for a supervisor so we can resolve this as quickly as possible.

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