They are not forth coming with the finance fees at the time of agreement, I have had nothing but issues when calling up there. I was financed a $600.00 mattress and I have been paying $100.00 month since August of 2014 and been told my pay off is 450.00 as of today..

they basically tacked on 550.00 finance fee, which was not disclosed to me. Never received paperwork or anything. then they wanted to tack on $27.00 late fee when they entered the payment information.... I was told it would be waived but was Just informed that it was still on there and included in my payoff amount.

RIP OFF !! Will never ever go through them nor will I recommend them to anyone!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Arlington, Texas, United States #949292

You didn't recieve any paperwork you say? Completely your fault then

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #947714

We apologize that you didn't receive a copy of the lease agreement at the time you signed it. You should have received one before you left the store.

You can request one at any time by calling customer support at 855-552-7378. They can email you a copy of your lease agreement.

The lease agreement is fairly clear about the charges on the account. In large print, on the first page, item 2 of the lease agreement says you will pay "XX payments of $XX.XX for a total cost of $XXX.XX...

The total cost is $XXX.XX more than the cash price."

Banks charge us a fee of $27 whenever we attempt to take a payment on an account with insufficient funds.

In order to look into what happened with that late fee, we need a little information about you so we can look up your account. The link below is a secure survey that will allow us to look into what happened so we can attempt to resolve the issue: https://docs.google.com/a/crestfinancial.com/forms/d/1vlUMlr5yLJn6nBMD8Nsq2DXnUwnskaNUwIg6Ypx-gQE/viewform

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