Cooperstown, North Dakota

I had purchased some furniture. Planned on using Crest for 90 day same as cash.

I at just before 90 days, i had a balance of around $35 dollars. I went to pay it 2 days after the 90 days...and my balance went up 95% of the original balance of the initial loan. They Could Care Less and insulted me with a 70% pay off....if I paid it now.

70% of 95% balance????....UP YOURS!!!!

So...I Screamed at the store Owner and at Crest on the Phone...cause a major scene in the store...I am sure they lost a good amount of business during my 'tantrum'. Make sure you know what your getting into.

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Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #1108402

Really. Look at your contract.

It states all that information up front. I use them all the time. Love them. They report to credit bureaus and help you.

Obviously you have terrible credit since you couldn't get a loan otherwise.

next time don't be the *** who pays late then cries. You look like a douche and i'm sure everyone who heard you laughed behind your back when you left

to slimpickens #1109267

sounds like slimpickens works for the company lol However, I agree-it's all spelled out in the contract - 90 days same as cash doesn't mean 92 days same as cash.

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